Men and Womens' Silk Natural Fiber; Organic Soy Cotton Masks. Great for comfort.

Mask Of Choice

The Mask of Choice is a 100% silk and organic soy cotton face mask.

When COVID-19 hit Elise shifted focus from jewelry and clothing to designing masks that were by far more comfortable and beautiful than what is available. 

She has been keeping her local seamstresses employed during difficult times producing these masks to meet the ever-increasing demand. 

So many of the masks on the market are uncomfortable, claustrophobic, and cause skin irritation. Our high-quality, organic soy cotton and silk not only feels amazing on the skin or is a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Our masks are washable and reversible. Elise has an eye for patterns and fabric after designing clothes for years. Everyone who discovers these masks come back for more. 

These masks feel as luxurious as they look on. Since wearing a mask is the new norm, we are making them comfortable and beautiful. Men and women of all ages love these masks.

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