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Designer Elise Peters




 We are all artists. For women, the everyday act of dressing and adorning ourselves in an intimately creative one. We pause and think about colors and textures, tuning in to ask: What wants to happen? What wants to be expressed? The alchemy of intuition and imagination is what every artist and designer draws on to create... in this case, the artwork is happening to you! 

As a women's fashion and jewelry designer, it is my great joy and pleasure to support this creative and empowering process for women. When I create a piece, I know it is destined for someone, even though I don't know who. A woman will resonate with it, and it will giver her energy. After 25 years of supporting women and their self expression, I still love that moment when it all comes together, and makes sense. Knowing that whatever pieces she chooses, she will treasure. My designs are one of a kind, just like the women who wear them.

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