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A Range of Few Elegant Handmade Earrings Ideal for Brides

Similar to sustainable food and fashion, hand-crafted jewelry also has become more popular. Individuals have started to value higher materials, craftsmanship, and exceptional quality usually missing in mass-produced pieces. Handmade earrings and artisan jewelry are synonymous with excellence, quality and deliver a high level of detailing of the stuff you won't find at any jewelry store.

Several reasons lie why women, especially brides, buy handmade jewelry. Fast fashion indicates no signs of slowing down among today's consumers; therefore, people admire pearl sets and unique necklaces. If you still aren't quite convinced what makes handmade pearl jewelry or artisan pieces worth the investment, read on.

Here at Heart and Hands Boutique, we understand marriage is something that happens once in a lifetime. All couples wish to make their special day with everything perfect. From decor, lighting, food, to jewelry, every couple wants to have everything worth remembering for years to come. We'll lay out precisely what kind of hand-crafted earrings packs more bang for your buck, whether a would-be bride wants to treat herself to something extra special or if you're looking for the perfect earrings for your bride.

Elegant Handmade Earrings for a Bride's Perfect Day

Every bride wishes to look royal in her wedding attire. Wedding attires remain incomplete without a pair of earrings. However, brides these days ditch those heavy earrings on their special day. They opt for light-weighted and classy earrings. A few of our collections include-

  • Powerful Simplicity

It's an Abalone, Herkimer Diamond, Spinel, and Freshwater Pearl bridal earring on 14kt gold fill perfect for April & August-born brides. Diamond is the birthstone for April, and brides can wear this vintage piece to cultivate love and persistence. The translucent Spinel, the birthstone for August, present in the piece, is for harmony and healing.

  • Venus Rising Matching Set

This again is on 14kt gold fill with a medley of freshwater pearls with unique real tones. This goes well for brides who choose to wear Venus Rising necklace for their weddings. Moreover, this is a one-of-a-kind earring that almost every bride admires.

  • Abundance of Gratitude

This vintage price of Freshwater Pearl and Amethyst is also on 14kt gold fill, having a solid pairing for protective properties. Pearl has always been considered the stone of purity and simplicity. Moreover, the birthstone is associated with those born in June, while Amethyst is the stone for Pisces and the birthstone for those born in February. The abundance of Gratitude is the piece for calm and relaxation to help in healing and intuition, so February and June brides can consider this classic price for their big day.

  • Mars Rising

This fine classy handmade earring is the setting of Red Coral, black onyx, and Amethyst on 14kt gold is another good option for modern brides. So far, we know that black onyx has been recognized for its qualities of perseverance and determination.


  • Celebration of Beauty

This piece is the setting of a variety of freshwater pearls. The artisans attempt to offer synchronous contrast between colors in this piece. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that freshwater pearls are connected with properties of wisdom as well as security to the wearer, in this case, brides. You must be aware of the fact that pearls are the stone of purity and simplicity. This can be an ideal choice for brides born in June, and if you believe in astrology as a pearl is one of the birthstones recommended to those born in the month of June.

  • Shades on the Water

Shades on the Water is a setting of freshwater pearls and Amethyst on 14kt gold fill. Freshwater pearls are appreciated for their properties of wisdom and protection. This elegant piece is inspired by shadows and light forming in different patterns as water does. February brides can carry this vintage piece with their wedding attire as Amethyst is the stone of Pisces & the birthstone for those born in February.

The Final Words

Handmade or hand-crafted jewelry is simply defined as wearable pieces custom-made by a skillful artisan. As of today, you can purchase custom pieces from online to boutiques and even local markets and art fairs/ exhibitions. Hope you found our collection (though a few) of earrings attractive and elegant. If you're a bride, bridesmaid, or groom willing to gift his love of the life a pair of pearl bridal earrings, we are here to assist you.