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Important Reasons Behind the Much-Applauded Earrings Craze Among Women

Among a variety of jewelry, it is a classic pair of earrings that accentuates the best features of a pretty lady. Whether you love to accessorize or prefer keeping it simple- earrings can exactly offer what you wish to achieve. So, if it is your best friend’s bachelorette or an important business meeting, you can adorn a simple, stunning, elegant, and understated look with earrings. Did You Know? Wearing earrings has been an applauded trend in the swing for ages. Checking back into the history reveals, the oldest mummified body discovered to date: Ötzi the Iceman (3300BC) had pierced ears.Due to its demand and high popularity, there has been a wide assortment ranging from gold, silver, metal to handmade earrings....

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Bridal Jewellery Set: Exquisite Jewelry Sets For Brides

It is not a secret that a bridal look is incomplete with the bridal jewelry set. But I hope you know which is the best piece. There is a saying that every piece of jewelry or clothing is best until and unless you know the art of rocking. This is the motto of this post; today, Hearts and Hands Boutiques will help you pick the most elegant bridal jewelry set. Now, only a woman knows how much this particular day matters for them: they all want to look their best possible. That is why it is essential to mix your dress with the right kind of jewelry pieces. Several options such as gold plated, costume, and imitation jewelry made of...

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A Range of Few Elegant Handmade Earrings Ideal for Brides

Similar to sustainable food and fashion, hand-crafted jewelry also has become more popular. Individuals have started to value higher materials, craftsmanship, and exceptional quality usually missing in mass-produced pieces. Handmade earrings and artisan jewelry are synonymous with excellence, quality and deliver a high level of detailing of the stuff you won't find at any jewelry store. Several reasons lie why women, especially brides, buy handmade jewelry. Fast fashion indicates no signs of slowing down among today's consumers; therefore, people admire pearl sets and unique necklaces. If you still aren't quite convinced what makes handmade pearl jewelry or artisan pieces worth the investment, read on. Here at Heart and Hands Boutique, we understand marriage is something that happens once in a...

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