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Important Reasons Behind the Much-Applauded Earrings Craze Among Women

Among a variety of jewelry, it is a classic pair of earrings that accentuates the best features of a pretty lady. Whether you love to accessorize or prefer keeping it simple- earrings can exactly offer what you wish to achieve. So, if it is your best friend’s bachelorette or an important business meeting, you can adorn a simple, stunning, elegant, and understated look with earrings.

Did You Know?
Wearing earrings has been an applauded trend in the swing for ages. Checking back into the history reveals, the oldest mummified body discovered to date: Ötzi the Iceman (3300BC) had pierced ears.
Due to its demand and high popularity, there has been a wide assortment ranging from gold, silver, metal to handmade earrings. Apart from this, there have been various reasons, including religious beliefs, superstitions, rites of passage, spiritual purposes, celebration, status symbol, or purely for the aesthetic purpose behind wearing a pair of earrings.

Early evidence of the earring-wearing show that the trend moved off particularly among men and was spotted among women in the 19th century, which became extremely common among women by the 20th century.

Over time, we have seen this growing through the ages, and there’s no turning back. The fast spread of earring-wearing among young girls is a good example to describe this trend.

Right from pearl bridal earrings to pearl on sterling silver, you can choose the one that matches your color choice or style preference.

Undoubtedly, earrings are the most fashionable accessory that can’t go amiss. Such kind of jewelry directs the attention while complementing your face so that you look amazing.

There are a variety of parameters, including your face shape, individual style, and choice, that lays an onus of impact on the type of earring you buy.

What Kind of Earrings is the Best One to Invest?
Shopping for cheap, fast fashion earrings is not the best best. The main reason is that lots of cheap earrings carry many hazardous chemicals, including chlorine, arsenic, chromium, lead, etc. However, some individuals don’t blindly follow the footsteps of the majority and make a wise choice by investing in simple, unique, classy, and high-quality


handmade earrings.
It is important to understand that the kind of jewelry, especially earrings you wear, defines you and builds your self-confidence. Have you ever worn earrings or clothes that don’t match or make you feel uncomfortable? If, yes then it is a warning sign that you must make a wise choice to face any such inconvenience.

Why Earrings?
Apart from making you look absolutely gorgeous, earrings do serve a very practical function. Earrings carry an acupuncture effect that can lay a good impact on the wearer’s body. For instance, in ancient China, earrings were worn to encourage good health in women rather than for creating a style statement. You will be surprised to know that around 470 B.C ear piercing and earring wearing was seen as a viable remedy and treatment to clear menstrual problems in women and young girls.
Gemstones would be added for therapeutic effects while ruby was used to control menstruation and to enhance fertility. Emerald earrings were won to prevent miscarriage and to aid safe childbirth. To boost sexual energy, women wore citrine. Generally, ancient people treated feminine Yin organ diseases through the left and right ear to treat men.

How to Choose Earrings To Match Your Overall Style
Laying hands on a perfect pair of earrings is the best way to create the look, just the way saw online or the way you’ve imagined. Your overall look deserves much-needed attention, exactly the way you invest in your shoes and clothing. This simple endeavor to pick a perfect earrings pair becomes daunting when you have to choose among a wide variety on the market.

Can’t Decide Which Earrings to Pick? Go Through the Followings Tips that Can Help You Choose:
When looking for earrings, it is important to consider your hair length. The style that will work best for you can be figured out by taking note of the length of your hair. For example, people with a short hairstyle can relish a perfect look with any size or style of earrings.
If you have beautiful long locks, you can experiment with larger and longer earrings that stand out way better than small ones. For example, if you prefer wearing elongated shapes such as ovals or rectangles, they will match your hair course. You need to understand that every hue of the color spectrum you choose must go along with your hair. If you give thought to this aspect, every outfit you will wear will make a perfect combination.

Final Thoughts
Remember: When the hoop earrings go on, the boss babe stands up & sparkles. So, if you are planning to invest in a pair of earrings- we hope this blog will you invest in an ideal one.